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Horse and Poultry Bedding Suppliers

Creature Comfort has developed a fantastic eco-friendly animal bedding product. Manufactured in our hometown of Liverpool we can supply our bedding to horse lovers and farmers throughout the UK. Although our bedding is perfect for horses it is also suitable for other animals too including pigs and chicken. The bedding is made from recycled products that are dust extracted, making healthy bedding for all the happy horses to use.

Our main objective when starting Creature Comfort was that the bedding we make and supply would be healthy and comfortable for the animals using it. The bedding is made so that it has little movement making it a hygienic, comfortable, bed for the horses. It's fully dust-extracted and mega-absorbent making it a cleaner, healthier solution for drier stables, hutches, cages and more.

Benefits of our animal bedding:

Soft chip bedding with minimal movement
Comfortable and warm in winter and cool in the summer
Dust extracted helps maintain a healthy respiratory system
Absorbent, making a clean and dry stables and makes cleaning easier for you.
Made from recycled white wood - ensuring an environmentally friendly product
Does not attract vermin as with other bedding material such as straw 

We supply our horse bedding in different quantities depending on how many horses you own and how large the area needed to be covered is. The bales of horse bedding come in 20KG bags, however if you aren’t sure of how much you want then visit the products page to see more information.

For any information or enquiries regarding our horse bedding then please call today on 07902 185346 or email us at