Quality Affordable Bedding!

Creature comfort is a cost effective Poultry Bedding being used by some of the U.K.’s market leaders and smallholders. After consultation and research into the poultry industry, Creature Comfort have developed a blend of softened woods resulting in a very absorbent and comfortable bedding, this can help with   reducing pododermatitis, hock burn and breast blisters.

All the timber used in the recycling process is clean, dry soft wood with no contaminates. This mean we are able to provide the quality cost effective bedding that meets the standards set by the Poultry Industry


We can supply Creature Comfort in Bulk bags or compressed 20kg Palletised Bales.


Parties who would like to discuss potential supply of our poultry bedding please contact our sales team on 07902 185346

or email, we offer great discounts on large purchases and trade accounts or you can buy it now!