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35 x 20KG Bales Of Creature Comfort Soft Chip Horse Animal Bedding, inc free delivery to zones A & B

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Creature Comfort soft chip horse/animal bedding is made so that it has little movement making it a hygienic, comfortable, bed for the horses/animals. It's fully dust-extracted and Mega -absorbent making it a cleaner, healthier solution for drier stables,hutches, cages and more.

Here are some of the benefits.

  • Soft chip bedding with minimal movement
  • Comfortable and warm in winter and cool in the Summer
  • Dust extracted helps maintain a healthy respiratory system
  • Mega - absorbent - making clean and dry stables and makes cleaning easier for you
  • Made from recycled white wood - ensuring an environmentally friendly product
  • Does not attract vermin as with other bedding material such as straw